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PS 38 Brooklyn Tuesdays


PS 38 450 Pacific Street Brooklyn 
Engaged Sprites Grades: Pre K, K, 1st and 2nd
Classes: 9/10 – 12/17 
No classes: 10/1, 11/5 
Total classes: 12
Open to PS 38 Students Only. 


Yoga Sprites at PS 38 Tuesday Class Fall 2019


Yoga Sprites’ Engaged Sprites learn through playfully interactive games, themes, stories and visual imagery, the seeds of breath-induced stimulation, stamina & relaxation, all for the good and balance of body, mind, mood & spirit! This is a gift for children so young and becoming! This is a class open to PS 38 students only.

Children are invited as they are. There are no special requirements in clothing. Comfortable, soft, flexible clothing supportive of movement are best. No refunds will be issued for inability to be present for the weekly class. Full refunds minus a $25 fee apply when/if a student should choose (within the first two weeks) to withdraw from class. No refunds are issued beyond the second class of the season. Yoga Sprites holds the right to cancel any season with less than 4 children enrolled. We will notify you no later than Sept. 8th if the class minimum is not fulfilled. On the first week of class, children will be provided with a Terms & Policies Consent sheet, which can be read, signed and sent back (regarding permission to photography, marketing, etc.) to Yoga Sprites on-site teacher.

All registration information is held privately, and secured through our website. You will receive an email confirmation documenting your registration.