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LIVE! Yoga Sprites Daily PREMIUM

$40.00 / month

Monthly Subscription Provides:
  • 30-45 minute classes, Monday thru Friday, led by excellent teachers with one Yoga Sprites message
  • a routine and reliable schedule to allow parents a window of space and trustworthy content for children
  • a wholesome approach to interactive bonding with friends, teachers, new yogis, and family members
  • themed classes, songs/stories/poetry/visual imagery that supports yoga poses, adventure, meditation
  • an active “Wiggle Bug Release” that is tried and true to release the leftover energy and replace it with a fresh, new energy
  • mantra to impact and empower; chanting and song to unite and share respect
  • inviting and inclusive curriculum-making Yoga & Mindfulness exciting, challenging, and resourceful to even the youngest of audience members!



Monthly Subscription Provides:
  • 5 days, Monday thru Friday, of 2 classes each day (late morning & afternoon)
  • Interactive teacher-led classes that are open to all levels while still encouraging specified age groups so every age is accounted for
  • Mindfulness practices within every class
  • Guided meditation age-appropriate
  • Classes poised for one child, siblings, parents with kin, family with a teacher leading the group
  • Classes are steeply discounted to make Sprites classes 100% accessible, limited time only
  • A guaranteed authentic curriculum that returns your child to a grounded experience, learning balance, calm, energy management as well as optimal character development
  • Classes daily that allow grown-ups a window of solitude, space and time to encourage children’s independence and safety in this new time while sheltering at home
  • A rotating schedule of our four teachers offering your children the opportunity to connect with familiar and favored teachers